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Reasons for Using Modern Office Cubicles

Long gone is the era where open offices were fashionable. Studies indicate that employees in an open office layout register a 50 percent lower productivity compared to those working in closed office cubicles do. This is of course because an open office exposes a worker to a lot of distraction and therefore a disadvantage to them in terms of productivity. Nevertheless, it would be unfair to ignore some of the perks linked with open office layout such as improved collaboration between members. Luckily you can enjoy the benefits from both open offices and closed cubicles by using modern office cubicles which may use lower glass wall partitions. Modern office cubicles ensure that you enjoy better partnerships among employees and get more lighting into the office space to reduce the shut-in sensation you get in a closed office cubicle. Read on and get some of the benefits of modern office cubicles.
Since they have lower walls, these modern office cubicles are known to promote collaboration among workers. The environment enabled by modern cubicles allows colleagues to exchange views and opinions. Because there is a wall approximately 42 inches tall between workers, there is a barrier that reduces unnecessary interactions that may reduce productivity. Since the open floor plan has no walls around workers’ desks, it is too easy for one to get sidetracked from work by noise from dialogues, footstep, or ringing phones. The lower walls of the cubicle make it much easier for workers to avoid these distractions and ensure they remain focused for better productivity.
Additionally, using modern office cubicles allows you to save more space and therefore increase comfort in the workplace. A low-wall cubicle uses far less space compared to the old-fashioned office cubicles from the early years. Normally they come with a custom design to meet the various sizes of offices, despite how irregular space might be. They are customized to fit any office size, irrespective of how asymmetrical the space might be. This ensures you don’t waste any real estate and therefore saves you the headache. Nothing like old cubicles made from concrete, the modern cubicles mostly use glass, special cardboard or plywood which are less costly. Therefore the installation will save not only time but also the organization’s money. Eventually, they make interaction easier as you only need to pop over to inquire something without having to get out from your station.
With contemporary cubicles you get to enjoy equal privacy and transparency. The privacy is enough to ensure employees yield more but limited to ensure they aren’t too comfortable to slack off. Employees know that they have to be dedicated and not slack off as it is easy to oversee the workspace.

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