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Ways through which Online Assessment Tests are Advantageous

Many individuals, organizations and learning institutions are abandoning the paper-based system that has been successful for several years and moving online thanks to advancements in technology and efforts to preserve the environment. Numerous benefits arise from making the transition to online assessment and they have been welcomed by both the candidates and the examiners. Although the type of benefits you enjoy will come down to the type of software you are using, it universally reduced the burden of organizing and running exams. Here are some ways of switching to online assessment is beneficial.

Candidates are used to digital because they use computers and the internet in almost everything when you switch to the online assessment you will be testing them using tools they are completely familiar with. Switching to online assessment will reduce the administrative burden of organizing and running exams; dealing with the paper-based assessment system is tiring and time-consuming because you have to avail and transport the papers back for marking. Switching to online assessment means tests will be available to candidates immediately after the tests in the case of auto-scorable questions, while there is also quicker marking and release of results.

Online assessments mean there easy creation of exam papers provided there is an approved bank of questions to choose from. To have papers for the exams trees must be cut, and then natural resources will be used during printing and transportation increasing your firm’s carbon footprint, which you minimize by switching to online assessment. Another advantage of online assessment is that you can take it from any part of the world; it is not limited by geographical boundaries.

With online assessment, candidates’ information and important credentials are digitally stored and only authorized personnel with the system access can access them and this promotes exam security. To take an online assessment test there is no test center or examination room to go to; because of remote invigilation you have the flexibility to sit a secure and invigilated exam from the comfort of your home which is less stressful and saves time and money going to a test center.

The online assessment is cost-effective to both the candidates and organizations offering the exams; the organization saves money on exam preparation and delivering process while the candidates avoid the transportation exams because they can take the tests from the comfort of their home. A candidate needs to know how he or she is progressing and this information is usually available quickly if you are using online assessment instead of the paper-based exams. You should consider switching to online assessment for the reasons highlighted above.

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